Ollila Law Limited

About us

Ollila Law UK was founded in 2007 in the UK as a sister company to The Ollila Law Group, based in the US.  Our attorneys have a depth of experience in a broad range of technical areas and are well situated to assist our clients internationally.  Alongside our US sister office we have worked with competitive technology companies with large IP portfolios and are able to provide our clients with a professional and informed service that meets international companies’ business requirements.  Our focus is to meet the international business and legal needs of our clients who operate worldwide.  We can provide a comprehensive advisory service to new and existing companies who may or may not have considered the importance or relevance of intellectual property.


With a depth of knowledge and expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering, our specialisation lies in patent applications in these technologies.

We have years of experience prosecuting patents at the UK and European Patent Offices.  Our lead paralegal is also a part qualified patent attorney and has a mechanical engineering degree.  It is not surprising therefore, that our overseas clients, patent attorneys filing European patent applications, value the exceptional European paralegal services we provide.

Other expertise comprises:

  • Several years in the automotive directorate of the EPO Munich
  • Attorneys with knowledge of German, French and English
  • IP portfolio strategy and awareness


It seems common practice these days to explain simple things in a hugely complex manner.  We take the opposite approach;

Each stage of your application will be explained simply and clearly, so you know exactly what is happening. This means that you can focus on doing your job whilst we protect your innovations.

A close cooperation with our sister office in the US allows us to offer you one solution for your European and US intellectual property protection.

We are only too happy to talk you through the options and the benefits of protecting your intellectual property. Contact us today to learn more.