Ollila Law Limited


Ollila Law UK represents clients at the European Patent Office, the UK IP Office, and the European Community Trade Marks & Designs Office.  We can also file international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications for you.

Patent Services

We draft, file and prosecute applications worldwide and have the added advantage that we have a sister office in the US.

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We can offer advice on what protection is right for you and help you execute a strategy that is most efficient for your company.

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We can provide a renewals service, maintenance fees, reminder service...

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Preparing assignment agreements and recording change of ownership at patent offices.

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IP Management

Our experienced attorneys are able to provide our clients with a service to suit your needs.

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Overseas Services

We provide you the piece of mind that your client's interests in the UK and Europe are cared for. Offering you transparent, fixed prices for our services, allowing you to budget efficiently.

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